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Yachticon Winter- und Pflegeartikel

  1. Yachticon
    Engine anti-freeze concentrate
    For all engine cooling systems and two-cycle cooling. Winter protection for the cooling circuits of engines, fridges, generators etc. With inhibitor for corrosion-protection and good foaming properties. Does not contain

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  2. Yachticon
    PURYCLEAN - 500g
    For cleaning and disinfecting waste-water tanks and systems. Puryclean concentrate removes unpleasant odours. Puryclean should be used at the end of each season. Contents: 500ml
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  3. Yachticon
    Kondenswasserbinder f.Diesel+B
    Binds the water in diesel or petrol and feeds this safely to the combustion system. Prevents corrosion, rust and sludge formation in pipes, injection nozzles and carburettors. 100 ml is sufficient for 100 litres of fuel.
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  4. Yachticon
    Segel Reiniger 500ml
    Reliably cleans white and coloured sails, all types of fabrics such as awnings, tarpaulins, sprayhoods, biminis, sail covers and other materials. Removes dirt, grease, mildew spotting and other impurities. Does not cause
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