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Your Safety is Important to Us!

AWN branches in Germany, Kiel and Dormagen have certified maintenance stations that can review all standard life jackets and rafts for you. Either drop off your life jackets and rafts at your local branch or send them to us. All our services comply with the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

Life jacket maintenance

  • • Certified for all well-known brands
  • • Option to drop off in Autumn and pick up in Spring
  • • Change trigger ring
  • • Renew seals
  • • Functional test of mouth valve
  • • Test of seams and coatings
  • • CO2 cartridge test
  • • Renew service label
  • • Test floatation panel seals in compliance with manufacturer’s guidelines
  • • Functional test of automatic inflation and manual trigger

Certified for all well-known brands

AWN Wartung Markenzertifizierung


Want to send us your life jackets for maintenance?

Haven’t got the time or inclination to find a suitable box and packaging, and fill out the address? What a waste of time and energy. No problem, AWN will take care of it: Just order our ‘maintenance package’ under product number 200 060, which contains the following: An empty box, packaging materials, sticky tape, a maintenance request and a complete address label. Just pack the box and pop it off at the post office. Done!

We charge just €6.99 for this service.

Life raft maintenance

  • • Opening the bag or container
  • • Visual checks of all individual components
  • • Blowing up the life raft to test seals, damage and wear checks, cleaning
  • • Pressure test on top and bottom tubes, floor and canopy holder
  • • Functional tests of the relief valve, trigger and inflation equipment
  • • Checking the pressurised gas cylinder in compliance with intended weight, and checking the pressure hose
  • • Checking the condition and expiration of emergency supplies
  • • Properly returning the raft to its container/bag