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Rigging and Wire Processing

We carry out pretty much all nautical rigging and handiwork here among the regatta elite and traditional sailors, where we can smell the sea air. We can produce complete rigging systems and rigging ladders, or provide you with networks to suit your requirements. You can also get rigging and wire cables that are not available in our catalogue. Just let us know what you need. We’ll make you an offer.

Our rigging station carries out the following specialist work to suit your dimensions

  • • Cable wires, rigging work
  • • Working with chains, shackles and tightening screws
  • • Load suspension devices
  • • Lifting gear
  • • Networks and gaming devices
  • • Moorings with eye splices
  • • Halyards with thimble splices
  • • Standing and running cable wires
  • • Lifting gear, networks and chains

As well as commercial customers, the regatta elite and traditional sailors also take advantage of our rigging station’s skills. It goes without saying that we comply with German industry standards (DIN). On request, we can also offer certification to Germanischener Lloyd standards.

You can simply order your rigging or cable wire project in one of our branches or via mail order. Just let us know what you need. We’ll make you a personal offer.

Rigging is a matter of trust. Our riggers are among the best in your craft.
We manufacture your complete rigging. Wires in all dimensions.

Did you know...

that our Kiel rigging station produces cable wires for the marine research institutes in Great Britain and the USA?

 - that we produce railing wires and davit ropes for commercial and naval shipping?

 - that we provide survival suites for professional navigation?

 - that we also offer special anchor ropes for wind masts and radio towers?

 - that we are one of the few riggers in Germany that test for Germanischer Lloyd maximum loads?

 - that we process and produce all standard rigging, including all sizes, materials and constructions?

 - that we provide HDW equipment parts for large shipyards?

 - that we also provide the German army and navy with blocks, shackles and zinc-plated, stainless steel or amagnetic cable wires?

 - that we produce crane wires and hanging rings for the construction industry?