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  1. Scepter

    Non-slip Treadmaster M deck covering

    Composite material in synthetic rubber and cork, rhomboid grooved pattern. Extremely non-slip even when wet. Good durability, abrasion-resistant, weather-proof and resistant to cleaning agents and solvents. Lightweight a

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  2. Scepter

    SCEPTER - Flo n'go Combo: 25l

    With its Flo n'go products, Scepter has developed much-needed solutions for watersports enthusiasts. The Maxflo model is perfect for larger volumes while the Superflo model is great for small outboard engines but also fo
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  3. Scepter

    Sierra petrol filter with water separator

    Filter with high flow capacity (up to 470l/h) with aluminium mount. Removes up to 98% of emulsified water. Can also be used for 2-cycle engines, as no oil separation is carried out. Not suitable for use with diesel. Plea

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