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  1. Newport

    NEWPORT ″Yachting″ boating shoes

    In oiled, saltwater-resistant leather. Salt rings can be easily removed under running water. The sole is stitched to the upper shoe. Non-slip boat soles with grooved tread that does not leave any marks on your deck cover
    Excl. Tax: £99,999,999.00 Incl. Tax: £89.95
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  2. Newport

    NEWPORT 2 - Öser ″Yachting Duo″

    Aus geöltem, salzwasserbeständigem Leder. Salzränder können unter fließendem Wasser einfach entfernt werden. Die Sohle ist mit dem Oberschuh vernäht. Rutschsichere Bootssohle mit Rillenprofil, die keine Streifen au
    Excl. Tax: £99,999,999.00 Incl. Tax: £89.95
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  3. Newport

    NEWPORT 3-eyelet ″Crew″ shoes

    Hand-stitched boating shoes in saltwater-resistant Cyclone leather. With 3 eyelets and 360° all-round lacing for optimal support, as well as non-slip and ″non-marking″ boating soles with drainage tread.
    navy/braun bordeaux
    Excl. Tax: £99,999,999.00 Incl. Tax: £89.95
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