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  1. Sika
    SIKAFLEX 292i marine adhesive
    Fields of application: high-strain, tolerance-compensating and vibration-damping elastic adhesion of hatches, boards, boundary planks, skirting boards, transverse bulkheads, railing wood and swimming ladders and for seal
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  2. Sika
    SIKAFLEX 290 DC Pro 300ml Schwarz
    UV-resistant single-component polyurethane sealant specially developed for sealing decking strips. The sealant cures to an elastomer, and can be ground. Usage: approx. 310 ml for 10-m strips, 5 x 5 mm.
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  3. Sika
    SIKA primer and cleaner
    For optimal results in the pre-treatment of surfaces. A- Sika Activator-205 (Sika Cleaner-205): Primer/cleaner for all surfaces apart from mineral glass B- Sika Primer 206 G+P: Black primer for glass and mineral glass C-

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  4. Sika
    SIKAFLEX Abverkauf
    Haftstarke, standfeste PUR Marine Dichtmasse. Einsatzgebiete: Alle Abdichtungen wie z. B. Durchführungen, Kabeldurchbrüche, Süllabdichtungen, Naßzelle, Fensterkästen, Luken, Segmente, Beschläge, Lüftungen sowie da

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