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  1. Hempel
    HEMPEL Custom Marine Polish
    A real classic! Liquid cleaning polish that creates a protective film on the surface and ensures lasting shine. Suitable for GFRP and painted surfaces.
    Excl. Tax: £13.40 Incl. Tax: £15.95
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  2. Hempel
    TEAK Cleaner Powder 750g
    A powder cleaning agent that is easy to use and that makes teak wood look as good as new. Particularly suitable for large deck areas. Does not contain any corrosive substances. TEAK CLEANER does not cause any damage to p
    Excl. Tax: £23.49 Incl. Tax: £27.95
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  3. Hempel
    Wax & Protect
    Excellent liquid hard wax - gives GFRP and painted surfaces long-lasting UV protection and a high shine. Surfaces are easy to clean and water-repellent after application. Suitable for manual or machine application.
    Excl. Tax: £19.29 Incl. Tax: £22.95
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  4. Hempel
    HEMPEL Pre Clean
    Highly effective cleaning agent for the removal of oil, grease, wax, silicone and fuel residues on GFRP and painted surfaces. Also suitable for use on heavy contamination and for preparing surfaces for painting.
    Excl. Tax: £16.76 Incl. Tax: £19.95
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