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Fabric cleaners

  1. AWN
    AWN impregnating spray
    Gently impregnates and cleans folding tops, spray hoods and other materials. Breathable and water-proof. Prevents mildew spotting and mould.
    Excl. Tax: £8.36 Incl. Tax: £9.95
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  2. AWN
    AWN Sail & Canvas Clean. 500ml
    Reliably cleans sails and other fabrics to remove grease, dirt, mildew spotting and other impurities. Does not cause any damage to sail canvas, fabric or yarns.
    Excl. Tax: £8.36 Incl. Tax: £9.95
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  3. AWN
    AWN-Schimmelentferner 500ml
    Removes mould, mildew spotting and algae quickly, simply and reliably. Protects against re-infestation.
    Excl. Tax: £9.20 Incl. Tax: £10.95
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