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  1. AWN
    Farbrolle Mohair
    100-mm-wide mohair paint roller for frame 510995 & 510996.
    Excl. Tax: £1.64 Incl. Tax: £1.95
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  2. AWN
    AWN Selbstpolierendes Antifouling
    Verwendbar auf allen Bootsbaumaterialien, außer Alu. Selbstaktivierend, dadurch Wirkstoffabgabe auch bei längeren Liegezeiten. Bis zu 3 Monate vor dem Zuwasserlassen aufzutragen. Ergiebigkeit: 9 m²/l; Achtung: Biozid

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £49.95 Incl. Tax: £49.95

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  3. AWN
    AWN underwater primer
    Classic, single-component primer and bonding agent for AWN anti-fouling agents below the waterline. Ideally suited as a barrier coating underneath incompatible anti-fouling agents, or between new and unfamiliar anti-foul

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £19.95 Incl. Tax: £19.95

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  4. AWN
    AWN Antifouling Entferner 3l
    A very effective anti-fouling remover. In no time at all, anti-fouling coats are dissolved enough that they can be easily removed using a scraper. The material has a gel-like consistency meaning that it can be left to wo
    Excl. Tax: £41.97 Incl. Tax: £49.95
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  5. AWN
    AWN Universalgrund 2,5 Ltr.
    Corrosion-protection primer for the underwater areas of steel, wood and aluminium yachts. Can be covered with coats of all anti-fouling agents. When painting over unknown paint brands, a coat of this primer can be used a
    Excl. Tax: £33.57 Incl. Tax: £39.95
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  6. AWN
    AWN special thinning agent no. 2 (no illustration)
    Special thinning agent for AWN anti-fouling agent and AWN universal primers. For cleaning equipment and loosening and removing wood components from the surfaces of tropical hardwoods (e.g. teak).
    Excl. Tax: £10.04 Incl. Tax: £11.95
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