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The Company

A.W. Niemeyer GmbH (AWN) is a German company that sells yachting and boating goods in local branches and via mail order. The history behind the company, which has developed from an ironmonger into an internationally recognised boating goods supplier, dates back to the 18th century. A.W. Niemeyer is one of Hamburg’s oldest trading companies, and has become one of Europe’s largest boating and yachting goods suppliers.

Sailing clothing, leisure clothing and boat accessories

The right clothing is an important boating accessory when it comes to any boat sport. They stand out with their durability, and resistance to water and wind. Most of all, sailing jackets and trousers have to be comfortable. But they should also be fashionable and look good at the same time. All sailing clothing has to rise to these challenges. Our range includes top brands like Musto and Marinepool, which guarantee high quality standards and on-trend style. Alongside water-resistant and on-trend soft-shell jackets, our range of leisure clothing also includes swimwear, shorts, blouses and shirts for men and women. No matter how bad the wind and rain, whatever the occasion, we have the right nautical fashion in the AWN shop’s range of textile boating and yachting accessories.

Technology and Equipment

The AWN online shop offers high-quality boat accessory products to make sure your boat cuts the mustard when it comes to safety, on-board electronics, navigation and maintenance. A large range of fenders, various boat anchors, the right tarpaulin and anti-fouling products all make sure you have all the right boat accessories. Boat fenders and boat anchors guarantee the safety of your boat, the right tarpaulin ensures proper comfort and protects your boat, while regular anti-fouling keeps your investment sound. The AWN online shop also has a large range of boat motors - an integral part of your boat. Reliable and economical Honda motors, and lightweight and powerful Mercury motors ensure you have fun on the water. Various models from Minn Kota and Torqeedo are especially environmentally friendly thanks to their electric motors.

Boating and yachting accessories for your safety on board

Safety on board is the name of the game when it comes to boat sports. The AWN online shop offers a wide range of boating and yachting accessories to guarantee safety on board. Life jackets are indispensable on-board accessories. You should always wear a life jacket in choppy conditions, while small children should always wear one on the water. AWN offers a wide range of comfortable, high-quality life jackets for adults, children and even pets on board. As well as life jackets, our safety range also includes other important boating accessories to guarantee safety on board. This includes safety gear such as lifelines, emergency signals, fire extinguishers and life belts. Flags, life rafts and warning signs complete your boating equipment and your on-board safety regimen.

Your Comfort on Board

By using the AWN online shop, you are bringing a partner on board with years of experience to provide you with innovative comfort solutions for your boat. A varied range of comfort accessories for boats and yachts to a high level of quality will transform your boat into a place of wellbeing. This incudes products designed for better sleep, parasols for pleasant areas of shade, teak folding tables and cushions for extra comfort.

Over 300 Top Brands

From our own AWN brand, to Musto and Honda - you are sure to find a wide range of top brands for boating and yachting accessories in the AWN online shop. With boating accessories from over 300 brands, there’s something for everyone. Each brand has its own special features and individual product range to cover individual needs.

Seminars for Skippers and Future Skippers

The AWN Skipper Academy offers seminars to cover various hazard situations, such as on-board medicine and firefighting on a yacht at sea, so you know exactly how to behave and what to do in any situation. We also offer general seminars on various topics, such as electrical navigation & radar, and meteorology, where participants are taught helpful know-how.