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Manual toilets

  1. Jabsco
    Jabsco electrical conversion kit (no illustration)
    For manual Jabsco on-board toilets. The electric flushing and suction pump with integrated macerator is fitted instead of the hand pump. Includes flushing water filter.

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  2. Jabsco
    Jabsco on-board toilet
    Easy to clean and reliable. Hygienic porcelain toilet bowl with high-quality varnish coating, elegant seat and lid, easy-maintenance toilet pump with removable pump piston, two assembly options for the toilet pump (on th

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £144.95 Incl. Tax: £144.95

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  3. Johnson
    Johnson on-board toilet
    Self-priming pump - hygienic, easy-to-clean porcelain bowl - sturdy wooden seat and cover with hard-enamel coating - low water consumption (2-2.5 l per flush) for optimal application of the sewage tank capacity - more co

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