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  1. The sextant
    This classic navigation instrument used by the major explorers and conquerors still forms part of the basic equipment of all high-seas vessels even after the introduction of satellite positioning (GPS). Sailors, astronom
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  2. Yacht Sextant-CP SAILING
    A very good full-view sextant from Cassens & Plath. High-quality 3.5 x 40 Galileo telescope. Illuminated arc and micrometer. The sextant comes in a wooden box and includes a wide range of accessories. Box dimensions 340
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  3. Davis
    Kunststoff-Sextant "MK 15"
    With micrometer drum and worm drive, adjustable mirror, 7 shades and a telescope with 3 ground lenses, presented in a plastic box. An affordable alternative that is perfect as a training or secondary sextant. Dimensions
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