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  1. Fusion
    IPx7 wasserfestes FUSION MS-RA70 Radio mit integriertem Bluetooth-Modul. 4x50W max für 2 Lautsprecherpaare, USB,NMEA2000, UKW/MW mit RDS für die Außeninstallation geeignet. Über das optionale FUSION MS-DAB100A Modul

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  2. Wasserdichte Abdeckung Radio
    Complies with DIN Standard. This case protects your radio from spray and splash water. Dimensions: 230 x 110 x 50 mm (W x H x D).
    Excl. Tax: £40.29 Incl. Tax: £47.95
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  3. FUSION MS-BT100
    The Fusion Bluetooth Adapter MS-BT 100 allows you to play music from your Bluetooth-compatible mp3 player or smartphone, via any audio device with a Cinch AUX input.
    Excl. Tax: £37.77 Incl. Tax: £44.95
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