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  1. Dometic
    Dometic SINEPOWER Sinus Wechselrichter
    230 VOLT AN BORD Die neuen Sinus Wechselrichter der SinePower DSP Serie liefern eine reine Sinusspannung, die selbst empfindliche 230-Volt-Geräte optimal versorgt. Bei Überlast, Überhitzung, Über- oder Unterspannung

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  2. WAECO
    Pocket Power 100W 12V
    For many of us, using a laptop while on the move is a common occurrence. But what happens when the battery runs outΑ For watersports enthusiasts, motorists and other people on the move, that's where the PocketPower mini
    Excl. Tax: £55.42 Incl. Tax: £65.95
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  3. Dometic
    WAECO Sine-wave inverter
    It is often the case that there is only a single ″modest″ consumer on board, requiring 230 Volt AC voltage - a television, for example, or a mobile phone charger. If this is the case, we would recommend opting for the MS

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  4. Dometic
    WAECO PerfectPower inverter
    The new PerfectPower inverter creates a Sine-wave-like 230-Volt AC voltage with 50 Hz from a 12 V battery voltage (11-15V), and is also both easy to assembly and user-friendly. The adjustable snap-on attachment feet, for

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