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230 V onboard power supply

  1. Philippi
    Shore connection unit ″LAE 220″
    Landanschlusseinheit für Netzstromübernahme 230 V / 50 Hz, Netzanschluss innenliegend direkt an den Klemmen des FI / LS - Schutzschalters, Kabeleinführung mit Würgenippel. Wasserdichtes Vollkunststoffgehäuse mit Kla

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  2. Philippi
    Landanschlusseinheit LAE 220
    Shore connection unit for 230 V/50 Hz supply, direct internal mains connection to the terminals of the FI/LS circuit breaker, cable inlet with grommet. Water-proof full-plastic housing with hinged lid. FI/LS circuit brea
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  3. Philippi
    Shore connection unit ″LAM″
    The 230 V on-board mains control for the AC grid. The grid indicator light shows whether the connection to the on-shore power supply is electrically correct. Green means: everything is correctly connected. Red means: The
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  4. Philippi
    Landanschlusseinheit LAE 101
    For secure 230 V/50 Hz shore current transfer. Produced as per EN ISO 13297. FI/LS circuit breaker (16 A/30 mA), control light for available shore connection, plastic housing closed at the back for recessed installation,
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  5. Sterling
    Galvanic isolators
    In accordance with CE directives, the shore earth cable must be connected to your boat's negative DC earthing system, meaning that the saildrive, engine, thru-hull outlets and many more consumers are also connected to th

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