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battery Monitoring

  1. Battery-Guard
    Battery Guard
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  2. Philippi
    Batterie-Monitor BCS 300 inkl Shunt
    Der neue digitale Batterie- und Lademonitor eignet sich hervorragend zur Überwachung der 12V Verbraucher- und Starter-Batterie. Das farbige 2,4“ Touchdisplay zeigt alle wichtigen Batteriedaten (Spannung, Strom, Kapazit

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  3. Megapulse - 12 Volt
    The 12-V pulser activates at approx. 12.8 V. A characteristic value of approx. 100-120 mA will be displayed with a standard measuring device, depending on the battery status. Underneath the cut-off voltage of 12.8 V, the
    Excl. Tax: £58.78 Incl. Tax: £69.95
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  4. Nasa Marine
    NASA battery monitor BM-1
    The battery monitor continuously monitors the on-board voltage (12V), the charge and discharge current, the charged and discharged Ampere hours, the charge state of the battery in percent, and the time remaining for char

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