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Authority, experience and passion are words that  customers have associated with A.W. Niemeyer for 270 years.
A.W. Niemeyer (AWN) is one of Hamburg’s oldest trading establishments, and has been a leading boating and yachting goods supplier since 1745. 
Today, this international company is one of the best known specialists in the maritime industry

With 22,000 products from over 500 suppliers immediately available, AWN has the largest possible range of water sports equipment for its customers. Of course, we can also competently deal with custom requests, and our specialist staff are happy to support customers in their own unique projects. AWN has twelve specialist shops, as well as an online shop, and boasts an in-house rigging station, two maintenance stations for safety gear, and plenty of other services for all your water sports needs.

Accurate and quick processing of all requests, as well as many years of experience, make AWN your best maritime partner. Take advantage of our strengths as a leading yachting and boating goods supplier. Apply to be a AWN trade partner!

Some of our Services:

- Rigging
- Maintenance stations for safety gear
- Special cleaning and finishing services
- Partnership model
- Shop-in-shop solutions
- AWN trade partnership
- AWN seasonal shops
- Merchandising

Our Customer Base:
- Harbours and marinas
- Shipyards
- Shipping companies
- Charter firms
- Service facilities
- Sail makers
- Authorities, such as the police and fire service
- Organisations such as the DLRF, DGzRS, THW and DRK
- Institutes for marine technology
- Hardware stores and retail