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  1. ABUS

    ABUS cylinder padlock

    Brass padlock with double shackle lock. Padlock body: solid brass; shackle: stainless steel Includes 2 keys.

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £18.95 Incl. Tax: £18.95

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  2. ABUS

    ABUS Vorhangschloss 83WPIB/53

    100% rust-proof. Seawater-resistant. Special cylinder protection with drainage channel. Solid bras body, plastic-coated. Stainless steel bracket. Precision pin cylinder.
    Excl. Tax: £40.29 Incl. Tax: £47.95
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  3. ABUS

    ABUS-Hangschloss: 24IB/60

    Round shape and narrow bracket opening make it harder to force open. Made from 100% rust-free materials, stainless steel bracket. No possible access to the bracket with forcing tools when used with ABUS discus hasp and s
    Excl. Tax: £29.37 Incl. Tax: £34.95
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  4. ABUS

    ABUS-Hangschloss: 70IB45

    Solid brass lock body. Enclosed lock body with special protective cap in front of the locking mechanism to protect against water and dirt. Impact-resistant plastic coating. Bracket protected by sealed plastic coating. In
    Excl. Tax: £15.08 Incl. Tax: £17.95
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  5. ABUS

    ABUS-Hangschloss: 75IB/50

    100% rust-proof brass lock. High-precision reversible key locking mechanism with up to 168,000 different lockings. Solid brass body, chrome-plated. Stainless steel bracket. Dimensions (W x D x H): 50 x 19 x 77 mm/bracket
    Excl. Tax: £25.17 Incl. Tax: £29.95
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  6. ABUS

    ABUS-Hangschloss:T84MB/30 T.

    Solid brass lock body and bracket. Double locking (from 30 mm). Automatic locking. Inner parts made from rust-proof materials. Precision pin cylinder with mushroom pins. Paracentric key profile for increased manipulation
    Excl. Tax: £33.57 Incl. Tax: £39.95
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